Can you imagine getting a Sony 13.6MP Digital Camera for free?
I did through an incentives site. But how did I do it?

It all happens via a new internet phenomenon which is taking the net by storm and even creating whole new communities of FREEBIE ADDICTS!

Here's how you can get a FREE DIGITAL CAMERA:

2. Chose your free gift of Sony DSC W300 or Canon IXUS 70 Camera. This site offers a large selection of free gifts and their customer support is excellent.

3.Sign up for one of the many offers available. I chose LOVEFILM as it is a free trial so you don't even have to pay a thing.

4.Then, refer 11 people for your Sony DSC-W300 Digital Camera or 6 people for the Canon Ixus 70.


-Get your family and friends to join up, create a web blog like this. Advertise your own link in designated areas online.

-Copy your own personal referral link and paste it into an email and send it to everyone in your -address book.

-Add your referral link to your signature on any forums you are a member of (if this is allowed).

Add your referral link to personal websites or blogs you contribute to.

-Sign up to eXceem, a forum dedicated to incentive sites for some great advice on how to get referrals, and to participate in trades

-Put your referral link on some free business cards from VistaPrint

How can these sites afford to give you these items for just signing up for a free trial?

Basically these sites get paid when you sign up to these free trials, and once you get enough people to sign up they can afford to send you their item.For example, LoveFilm, a UK DVD by post rental service, pays sites an amount when they get you to sign up for a 14 day no obligations free trial. So the site can afford to send you your free item whilst earning commission on top.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get started!:

So far by completing offers on incentives sites I have received:

-iPod Shuffle
-2 x £120 Paypal
-Apple macbook (35 referrals)

-2 x 80GB iPod Classic
-Sony PS3
-Black Apple Macbook 2ghz (48 referrals)
-2 x £150 Amazon vouchers
-Samsung 23" Monitor
-Boss GT-10 Guitar Effects Pedal

Please feel free to contact me for more info at under my username 'Lydian'.